Boost Your Sporting Goods Business

Introducing the Fitmateo Stores Plan, tailored to elevate your sports store's online presence. With exclusive features, it helps you stand out, expand your customer base, and maximize your potential.

Join today and unlock your store's full potential with Fitmateo.

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Elevate Your Store's Presence

With Fitmateo's Store Plan, your sports store gains a golden verification badge, signifying credibility and trustworthiness to your potential customers. This badge prominently appears alongside your store's name, instilling confidence and authenticity.

Take Control of Your Store's Details

Our Store Plan allows you to claim ownership of your store and take charge of its online presence. Edit essential details such as the store's title, description, address, media, contact information, and even pinpoint its location on the map. This level of control ensures that your store's information is accurate and up to date.

Expand Your Business Horizons

Are you a sports business owner looking to expand your reach? With Fitmateo, you can add your sports-related business to our platform. This inclusion allows you to tap into a broader audience, attracting potential customers from various locations.

Boost Your Visibility and Reach

Fitmateo believes in giving your store the visibility it deserves. With the Store Plan, your business receives a boost in recommendations and promotions. This means your store will be featured more prominently to Fitmateo users, increasing your reach and enhancing your chances of attracting potential customers.

Unlock Insights with Premium Analytics

Data is key in making informed business decisions. As a Store Plan subscriber, you gain access to premium analytics and charts. These powerful tools provide deep insights into how customers are discovering and interacting with your store. Track metrics like store views, customer engagement, and conversion rates to optimize your marketing strategies.

Effortlessly Manage Orders

Selling sports products is a breeze with Fitmateo's Store Plan. Manage your received orders efficiently, providing your customers with real-time updates on their order status. This feature ensures a seamless shopping experience and builds trust among your clientele.


Aside from enjoying Fitmateo's free usage for sharing, creating, joining and interacting in the community, here's our Premium features.


Store Plan

With exclusive features, it helps you stand out, expand your customer base, and maximize your potential.

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Trainer Plan

Become a verified trainer on Fitmateo to promote your skills & experiences to get clients.

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Club Plan

Skyrocket your sports business and become a premium to share your club's information & pricing details.

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